Classroom Twinning September/October 2002

In French

First Activity: Introduce yourself (all groups)
Do this activity on Word or a text editor (so that you can spellcheck it before posting it on the forum)

Thanks to the internet, e-pal programs, international communication and traveling, the world becomes a smaller and more friendly place. We are often in contact with people of different countries, cultures and whose names are very different from what we are used to hearing or pronouncing. Names are very important as they identify who you are. If you did not have a name, how would you identify yourself, who would you be? Therefore, it is important to learn about them: their origin, what they mean and how they are pronounced.

First part

Some sites where you can find some information on names:

The origin and meaning of names - (difficult)

Second part

Continue your introduction by writing about :

Ask your teacher to have a look at it so as to correct the most important mistakes and copy it on the forum for your group to get to know you.

Your next assignment will be posted on the forum, so please check it often also to see what the others have written and to eventually ask them more about themselves.